Written and performed by Ery Nzaramba

A one-man play. The split/mixed portrait of a boy and a country.

Split/Mixed is a coming-of-age tale, a portrait of a man and a country.

During an innocent encounter, Eddy is confronted with his "survivor's guilt" and is forced to dig up his past... Six year old Eddy and his family arrive in Rwanda from Belgium. His family sends him to the expensive Belgian School of Kigali. Between the smoke screens and mirrors at school and the harsh reality at home, Eddy and his friends form a band to take part in a live music competition on the new Rwandan television. They win and become instant celebrities. All changes when the president’s plane is shot down on 6th April 1994, triggering a genocide and civil war.

Ery brings to life nearly a dozen characters, merging memories into a narrative exploring kinship, cultural expectations and personal identity, and weaves the fantastic with the ordinary in his search for a singular voice.

Directed by Jude Christian
Sound Design by Helen Skiera

Running Time: 60 mins
Age Recommendation: 15+